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The theme of our 2023 Annual Report is “Evolve.” In my role with FFA, I have been privileged to witness members evolve from shy young people unsure about their futures to confident leaders with robust goals and plans. Just as our members are constantly growing and transforming into better versions of themselves, the National FFA Organization must also evolve to become the organization that today’s youth, industry of agriculture, and the world need.

In the National FFA 2022-25 strategic plan, we outlined three strategic priorities: evolve, engage and empower. While significant progress has been made in these areas this year, much of this report will highlight our steps to evolve programs and experiences to cultivate the leaders needed to feed, fuel, clothe and sustain the world.

In 2023, we updated National FFA programs, events, and resources to be aligned with and relevant to the agriculture, food, and natural resources industries to help members achieve career success. This included launching an up­dated version of AgExplorer, our online career exploration tool. We also continued our work to revise competitive events to better prepare members for agricultural careers. We feel confident that the improvements that have been made or are in the works will provide FFA members with the foresight, creativity and skills to rise to the challenges they will face.

We also recognize that none of this vital work would be possible without our support system. Our dedicated corporate partners and individual donors have provided financial resources, valuable insights and continued encouragement. Our partners throughout the delivery system — agriculture educators, state FFA associations and agricultural education organizations — have played a crucial role in ensuring that progress and growth are also occurring at the state and local levels.

As we look back on 2023 in this annual report, we hope you will see the positive changes tak­ing place at National FFA while also honoring our history and celebrating traditions.

We are excited for you to come alongside us as we continue to evolve FFA and celebrate the promising future ahead.


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Scott Stump
CEO, National FFA

National FFA Member Stats Infographic
FFA Chapters on All Regions

Chapter location, FFA Membership System, 2023.
*1% unreported

FFA Chapters Stats Chart

Race and ethnicity of FFA members, FFA Membership System, 2023.

Stats on Chapters in Public Schools
Alumni & Supporters Stats copy


registered attendees to the 96th National FFA Convention & Expo


American FFA Degrees awarded in 2023


Supervised Agricultural Experience Grants awarded in 2023


Agriculture educators/FFA advisors further our mission


awarded in scholarship money in 2023


FFA jackets awarded through Give the Gift of Blue in 2023


state FFA officers elected in 2023 to lead their state FFA associations

The National FFA Organization acknowledges that third-party data is reflected within the overall membership data from sources believed to be reliable, accurate and useful to demonstrate a complete count of members, teachers, alumni, and stakeholders. Any analysis completed using this data falls under this assumption.

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FFA develops members’ potential and helps them discover their talents through hands-on experiences, which give members the tools to achieve real-world success.

FFA members’ involvement with supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs) as a part of agricultural education lays the foundation for future career success and aligns with nationwide labor trends. Data from the U.S. Department of Labor reveals that U.S. teenagers today are increasingly picking up part-time jobs, with 37% of 16-19-year-olds either being employed or seeking employment in 2023 (the highest proportion since 2009 and steadily growing since 2020).

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

SAEs Work Experience Pie Chart

More than half of FFA members with supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs) are in placement SAEs, where they gain work experience.

Student SAE involvement by interest area, The Agricultural Experience Tracker, 2023.

The Average FFA Program has 52.3% of Members with Active SAEs.

Based on program demographics for the average FFA program that uses AET, The Agricultural Experience Tracker, 2023.

FFA Members Attend Universities Chart1

Student SAE involvement by interest area, The Agricultural Experience Tracker, 2023.

Member's SAE Programs Stats Chart2

Post-High School Plans of FFA Members Attending National FFA Convention, 2023.

Most of the SAE Grants awarded in 2023 were in the Animal Systems Pathway.

383 SAE Grants awarded in 2023

SAE Grants awarded in 2023

63 in a circle

Agribusiness Systems

Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Education

185 in a circle

Animal Systems

2 in a circle.

Biotechnology Systems

8 in a circle

Environmental Service Systems

26 Food Products and Processing Systems grants awarded in 2023

Food Products and Processing Systems

10 Natural Resources Systems Grants awarded in 2023

Natural Resources Systems

52 Plant Systems grants awarded in 2023

Plant Systems

23 Power, Structural and Technical Systems grants awarded in 2023

Power, Structural and Technical Systems

Member Showing Cow

“The Kind of Seed That We Want to Plant”

Donors provide lead gift to launch FFA Venture Capital Fund.

Making History

Joan Tovar-Martinez was the first member of his Georgia chapter ever to be recognized at the national level through the Agricultural Proficiency Awards. But the Sumter County FFA member didn’t simply compete at the 2022 National FFA Convention & Expo; he won in the category of grain production-entrepreneurship/ placement and, in 2023, he returned as a national finalist in the diversified crop production-placement proficiency award area. Through his supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs), he became skilled in agricultural technologies and farm management.

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The National FFA Organization’s vision is that FFA members’ time in the classroom and experiences outside of the classroom through National FFA events compel them to enter the field of agriculture as a leader.

Opportunities at the National  FFA Convention & Expo and  various other national experiences provide members the chance to apply their skills and gain  leadership experience.

Convention Member Stats 2023 Circles

Average response from survey responses from Next Gen Conference Student Surveys, New Century Farmer Survey, Student Proficiency Finalists Survey, Agriscience Fair Survey, CDE/LDE Student Survey and Career Success Tours Survey. (N=2,566) Average response from survey responses from WLC Student Survey, FFA Member Leadership Series, State Officer Summit Survey and Convention Delegate Student Survey. (N=1,541)

96th National FFA Convention & Expo - Delegate Session

Leadership and career preparation
at the National FFA Convention & Expo.


FFA members participated in national career and leadership development events in 2023.


attendees registered for Career Success Tours in 2023.


FFA members registered
for student workshops
in 2023.


FFA members attended National Days of Service in 2023.

93% of Alumni and Supporters that FFA positively affected their careers.

93% of surveyed FFA Alumni and Supporters say that FFA positively affected their careers.

FFA Alumni and Supporters Survey, 2023. (N=591)

84% of Alumni and Supporters that worked in Agriculture.

84% of surveyed FFA Alumni and Supporters have worked in agriculture.

60% of Alumni and Supporters who are currently in a senior-level position or higher at work.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed reported they are currently in a senior-level position or higher at work.

59% of respondents selected senior level, executive level, supervisory level, management position or director. FFA Alumni and Supporters Survey, 2023. (N=591)

Living to Serve Members

FFA Alumni and Supporters attribute developing leadership skills, among other skills, to FFA.


Developing Leadership Skills


Public Speaking


Building Relationships


Social Skills


Career Preparation

Veterinary Science
Career Development Event


Industry expertise ensures the relevance of FFA programs.

Evolving Programs

Within agriculture, the National FFA Organization’s most valuable contribution is providing the talent pipeline that will feed, fuel and clothe the world and lead the industry into the future. To adequately fulfill this responsibility, National FFA is evaluating the relevance of its programs and competitive events and making necessary revisions that will benefit FFA members and agriculture.

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When FFA members explore career opportunities in agriculture, agriculture educators play a key role. In fact, 75% of recently surveyed 18-25-year-old FFA Alumni said they learned about job opportunities through their agriculture teacher.

AgExplorer is a tool that empowers teachers to help their students see themselves in agricultural careers. National FFA provides FFA advisors with a wealth of  educational resources, assisting them in their mission to cultivate students’ premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.

Laptop Showing AgExplorer Website 200dpi

2.7 Million

Measured May to December 2023.

Number of times AgExplorer was accessed in 2023


Number of MyCareer Quiz
assessments taken

Male Wearing Face Mask in a Greenhouse
Man and Woman in Corn Field with Tablet


Overall Interactions

FFA Educator Resources


Overall Interactions

AgExplorer Resources


Overall Interactions

Values Lessons Series


Overall Interactions

FFA New Horizons
Teaching Guides


Overall Interactions

Sustainability Lesson Series

United States Map with Career Technical Education Stats

Advance CTE State of Career Technical Education Executive Summary (2023).

“The blue jacket means opportunity for me. The blue jacket to me is a symbol for future career success.”

Tee with George Washington's Quote

Did you know that 81% of advisors responding to a 2023 survey said they have positive perceptions based on their interactions with National FFA? For more findings, check out this report highlight­ing the results of the 2023 agriculture educator/FFA advisor survey.

FFA Members Discover a World of Opportunities with AgExplorer

Corporate partners such as Invenergy provide beneficial support.

Real-world Resources

Career success through agricultural education is one of the foundations of the National FFA Organization’s mission. National FFA contin­ues to ensure that its programs and resources align with agriculture and prepare members for future careers. AgExplorer, an interactive career exploration tool, is one way that FFA delivers.

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2023 Year in Review

Nine state FFA associations that were part of the 2022-23 State Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Collaborative presented their work in EDI during the national Team Ag Ed Inservice.

Member Holding a Goat
Sofia (Puerto Rico) & Cargill Rep

Four of the National FFA Foundation’s corporate partners — AGCO, Corteva Agriscience, Ford Trucks and New Holland — celebrated 75 years of partnership in 2023.

FFA supporters donated a record-breaking $822,340.90 on Give FFA Day during National FFA Week.

Cargill announced a three-year, $3.15 million grant to the National FFA Foundation to support sustainability-focused educator resources, EDI initiatives, Living to Serve grants and career preparation programs.

Seventy-two agriculture educators were selected to serve as National Teacher Ambassadors for FFA for the 2023-24 term.

Member - Welder
National FFA Organization Emblem

The first Next Gen Conference: Power, Structural and Technical Pathway was held in Raleigh, N.C., allowing FFA members to explore careers and create a Future Ready Plan for career success.

National FFA and Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences signed a memorandum of understanding to create a formative alliance with the shared goal of growing EDI in agriculture.

Donors Fred and Dinah Gretsch established the Gretsch Family Endowment to provide financial assistance to offset travel and atten­dance costs for National FFA Band members to attend the National FFA Convention & Expo.

National FFA announced a record-high student membership of 945,988 in 9,163 FFA chapters across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Band Members performing at National FFA Convention
Lady Working on Laptop

The National FFA Alumni and Supporters Forever Blue Network reached 5,000 users.

Thanks to a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., the Indiana Beginning Agricultural Teacher Mentoring Program launched.

The CHS Foundation announced a three-year, $4.29 million grant to the National FFA Foundation to support agriculture educators, FFA career preparation programs and 17 state FFA associations.

Members Working Together
96 Convention Logo - Evolve

The 96th National FFA Convention & Expo was held in Indianapolis and had a record-breaking attendance of 72,954 members, advisors and guests.

FFA CEO Shaking Hands

National FFA estab­lished the first-ever partnership with the Native American Agriculture Fund and the Tribal Agriculture Fellowship to support Native American students pursuing agricultural careers.

National FFA Suitcases

National FFA and Agriculture Future of America signed a memorandum of understanding that underscores a shared commitment to developing and empowering future leaders.

Donor Lyle Orwig made a $500,000 donation, doubling the size of his endowment that supports the Lyle Orwig International Travel Grant for Agriculture Teachers.

FFA CEO and Members at the Department of Agriculture

National FFA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture signed a memorandum of understanding, formalizing a partnership to prepare youth for careers in food, agriculture and natural resources.

The 17,000th FFA jacket was gifted to an FFA member in need through the Give the Gift of Blue program.

Sioux Valley FFA Member in Official Dress
Red Bottle

Evolving Service to Make an Impact

Evolving Service - Left Image
Evolving Service - Right Image

During the 96th National FFA Convention & Expo, about 5,000 FFA members created 6,290 sensory bottles that were donated to the Damar Foundation, an Indianapolis nonprofit that serves children and adults with intellectual disabilities, behavioral challenges and autism.

By offering expo attendees an opportunity to participate in this on-site service project for just a few minutes or an hour, FFA was able to give back to the community in a big way.  A few months after the sensory bottles were delivered to Damar, the impact of the project was already evident.

“One sweet boy is 6, and he has a collection of eight bottles,” said Kate Miller, director of development for the Damar Foundation. “His mom says they help him transition to the car or from a preferred activity to a less preferred activity without a meltdown. He likes to line them up a certain way and enjoys all the sparkles and items inside.”

National FFA Foundation Financials Charts

Results reflected here are unaudited. Audited financial statements are available by writing to the National FFA Foundation, 6060 FFA Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278.

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96th National FFA Convention - Speak Ag Social
96th National FFA Convention - - Candids

There are countless ways to get involved with FFA. Your involvement helps FFA evolve our programs and experiences, engage new communities and partners, and empower state and local leaders with support.

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